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Orygen Valve

Our newest valves help you improve your breathing endurance in 4 weeks.

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Orygen Dual Valve

Orygen Dual Valve relives your pain in difficult moments.

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Orygen Dual Sport Valve

Intended for all the people who want a better life.

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As a singer I found orygenvalve to be a great tool at helping me strengthen my breathing muscles. I can maintain my rib cage expanded for longer, meaning longer and more legato phrases, and inhaling feels easier. I would recommend it to musicians who play wind instruments or sing!

Alba Bosch (Professional Opera Singer)

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Josep Lazaro

I was able to see improvement over the weeks of use as I kept dialing up the resistance on both inhalation and exhalation. It's the only product I've seen that covers both. I'm now in maintenance mode and only use it a couple of times a week (I seem to be holding steady). I did see a reduction in blood pressure but I cannot be sure if it was the product or other things I was doing. Customer support is very responsive--I asked about better instructions for getting started and they responded via email and posted a helpful Youtube video of instructions.

CJ Updike
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