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Improve Breathing for American Football

American Football Player

Do you dream of making on your middle or high school football team? If you get on your football team, your chances of being recruited by a university for their football team increase. However, you won’t make it on the football team if you run out of breath easily.

If you are already part of the team, you need to practice improve your breathing. In American football, breathing efficiently is important for performing your best. Professional football players use a respiratory training device to improve their oxygen during training and when they’re off the field during a football match.

You can start using it now. We’ll tell you more about the benefits of using a respiratory training device later, but first, let’s understand the importance of improving breathing for football players.

Your Muscles Create Energy

Oxygen is a predictor of athletic performance. Inhaling air carries oxygen to the muscles via the bloodstream. Your body uses part of the oxygen immediately and uses the other half to break down glucose and generate ATP energy for the muscle. ATP energy fuels your body during an intense workout session.

Football Demands More Oxygen

Football demands your body produce more oxygen. To meet your body’s demand, your heart rate, and breathing increase. Muscles that don’t receive oxygen instantly break down glucose into lactic acid rather than energy. When you have no energy, it results in fatigued muscles.

What does this mean? To put it simply, the surge in lactic acid level during intense physical activity causes your body to utilize increased energy. It wouldn’t have, if your body had the ability to produce sufficient oxygen for it to convert the glucose into energy.

The energy your body requires for changing lactic acid into glucose contradicts the energy your body received during the breakdown process of glucose and fermentation of lactic acid in the liver. Your body’s energy process is the reason why most professional athletes rely on a respiratory training device during a game or an intensive physical activity.

They use the respiratory training device to improve their performance and endurance levels. They also use it after the game to help them recover faster after a game.

Recovery Process Demands More Oxygen

Increased oxygen levels facilitate the breakdown of lactic acid, which increases your oxygen supply after working out and speed up your recovery process. For your oxygen supply to increase, you need to improve your breathing by using a respiratory training device at least two times each day.

Using the respiratory training device will increase the percentage of oxygen level after training, workout, or playing. Increased oxygen levels also improve your focus and mental clarity.

Oxygen Improves Focus and Mental Clarity

Improved breathing and increased oxygen levels also improve your focus and mental clarity. Your brain can’t store oxygen as your body can. Your brain requires a steady flow of air for peak performance. That’s about 21% of oxygen.

Improved breathing will allow your body to generate more oxygen, which your brain can also utilize to help you focus. Lack of oxygen can affect your cognitive function such as judgment, memory, and alertness. It’ll also help you stay in the game longer.

Oxygen Helps You Play Longer

Improved breathing allows you to stay in the game longer, as there’s plenty of oxygen to go around. You can train your respiratory muscles— inspiratory and expiratory— to allow your lungs to take in more oxygen, so it can provide your body with the energy it needs to stay in the game for a long duration.

The intake of fresh oxygen allows your muscles to perform efficiently before they need to reach into the anaerobic system for energy. By using a respiratory training device, you can access more oxygen and recover faster.

Moreover, improved breathing can eliminate lactate from your system and reduce muscle fatigue in the process. You need to introduce a respiratory breathing device into your workout routine.

Respiratory Training Device:  The Big Reveal

If you want to increase the amount of oxygen you use during physical activity, you can use the Orygen Dual Valve. When you breathe better, you use up less oxygen. For that, you’ll need to use this device each day to strengthen your respiratory system.

Orygen Dual Valve

You want to make your expiratory and inspiratory muscles strong and give them the ability to take in excess oxygen and release more carbon dioxide into the air. With this respiratory training device by your side, you’ll see a difference in your breathing ability within a week.

Just use it two times each day for four to five days and watch your performance improve both on and off the field. The respiratory training device isn’t just for football players, but it is for all athletes regardless of the sport they play.