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Who we are

Orygen Dual Valve is a device that has two opposite cameras, one inspiratory and one expiratory, coupled in a single device, allowing simultaneous training to improve lung capacity and, consequently, the level of performance. The valve is designed to perform IMT and EMST exercises, and obtain the maximum number of benefits. 

It was designed by the company Forumed and doctors of Hospital del Mar in 2012 and was created to exercise the inspiratory and expiratory muscles and thus increase the capacity of them, with the intention of helping those patients with cardiovascular and respiratory problems (COPD ).

During these years it has been detected that exercising with an inspiratory and expiratory valve helps to improve or prevent other diseases such as Dysphagia, Parkinson's, Stroke, COPD, spinal cord injury, among others. Studies are even being done to use them to help patients with laryngeal cancer.

In addition, the studies carried out indicate that, if an athlete adds these exercises to his routine, he improves his performance and will achieve his objectives in a quicker and more comfortable way.

For this reason Forumed has developed Orygen Dual Valve Sport, a valve designed especially for athletes to increase their athletic ability and maintain high performance in a more stable way, through exercise breathing.